WakeUp Memory Technique (WMT) Course

WakeUp Memory Technique (WMT) Course

Remember drug names, bacteria names, and everything by heart. Be that ROCKSTAR dental professional! | taught by Claire Jeong, RDH, MS
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Claire  Jeong, RDH, MS
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS
International speaker, author, educator, RDH

About the instructor

Claire is an entrepreneur, author, educator, researcher, and international speaker. She is the founder of StudentRDH / SmarterDA – Dental hygiene and assisting exam prep solutions. In addition, she created DentalToaster, an online CE platform that provides unique courses for the dental professional.

Claire has a Master’s Degree in Administration from Boston University, Dental Hygiene Degree from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in Boston, and a Business degree from the top business programs in Korea. Prior to her career in the dental field, Claire Jeong was an education specialist at Boston Children’s Museum.

Through her live and online courses, Claire helped tens of thousands of people gain valuable dental knowledge and clinical skills. With her expert knowledge in education, she authored the e-book WakeUp Memory™, which teaches how to use the brain and remember anything. She combines the WakeUp Memory Technique™ in her courses and teaches educators to apply this method in their own classrooms. To her audience’s testimony: “Learning is now addictive.”

Many of Claire’s articles, such as the New Hypertension Guidelines are ranked one of the top articles in RDH Magazine and DentistryIQ. She is regularly invited in podcasts and conferences such as RDH Under One Roof as a key opinion leader. Her classes are fascinating, and the audience becomes glued to their seat. Claire also provides guidance to companies to reach the younger generation of dental professionals. Email: ClaireJ@DentalToaster.com

Is this course for you? Try to answer these questions!

  • Are you an instructor and teach students?
  • Do you want to make your classes more effective?
  • Are you a practitioner and see patients with medications?
  • Would you like to improve your memory and become a super dental professional?

WakeUp Memory Technique (WMT) has improved the way we retain information. Instructors, students are extremely satisfied with WMT.

Claire was an instructor and worked in education her entire career (even before entering the dental field). She has been an advocate for making learning efficient. 

Her work is acclaimed by every dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistants. 

Faculties and students are touched by her dedication.

To be successful in dentistry, you need to MEMORIZE the information FIRST, then apply it

We should apply the information we learned about dental anatomy, medical conditions, and all topics if we care for our patients.

But as the basics, we need to MEMORIZE the information. 

"Memorization is the foundation. Then we can build on it."

Videos with examples, so you can maximize your time

Claire covers the rules for WMT, then dives into 5 different categories with examples.

You will solve questions along the way and understand how WMT directly applies to dentistry. 

Your brain will forever thank you for the hard work

Once you understand the technique and go through the examples, you will already see the world in a different way.

In addition, the worksheet will make you work extra hard. But once finish the course, you will start feeling your new superpowers. Remember anything better, even your friend's birthday or your own license plate number. In the end, you will feel:

  • Smart(er)
  • Refreshed

Course Objectives

  1. Understand how memory champions retain information 
  2. Understand the general concept of WakeUp Memory Technique (WMT)
  3. Understand the 5 categories of WMT and their examples.
  4. Memorize drug names using WMT.
  5. Memorize numbers using WMT.
  6. Apply the information in all parts of your dental career.

Happy learning!

Course Details

  • Location: The course is online so you can take it from anywhere!
  • Starting date: Enroll anytime!
  • CEUs hours awarded: None
  • How long can I access the course for? 180 days unlimited.
  • Refund policy: Unless otherwise specified, courses purchased from Dental Toaster courses are non-refundable.

Course Contents

8 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
1 Download
3.0 hrs