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  • Speaker: Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

  • Course Type: On-Demand, Self-Study

  • Education Method: Lecture

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Course Provider: DentalToaster

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Why this course?

The course presents research from all levels of the research pyramid, from low to high, to get a 360 degree view. The course is focused on evidence-based approach. Claire has been researching, writing, and presenting about the brain for two decades. We are all scared of Alzheimer disease. And we are getting more scientific evidence that periodontal disease can be related to Alzheimer disease. But we see too many presentations that conclude that in fact, periodontal disease causes Alzheimer disease.


There are so many statements or courses, or products that promote the idea that "periodontal disease causes periodontal disease."

If you are curious about whether those statements can be trusted, this course is for you.

Alzheimer's Disease and Periodontal Disease

What's their relationship?

Course Description

You may have seen punchlines such as “Take care of your oral health and prevent dementia,” or “chronic periodontitis leads to brain inflammation, fewer brain cells, and more amyloid-beta (plaque found in tissues in patients with Alzheimer’s disease”. Those simplified interpretations are dangerous! We know about the oral-systemic link and studies found associations between periodontitis and dementia.

In this course, we will take an evidence-based approach to understanding how Periodontal disease and dementia/Alzheimer’s disease are related. In our course, we will use articles, from clinical trials to systematic reviews, to provide the most scientific findings that may impact the dental professional.

We will discover the suggested mechanisms that potentially explain the association between the two diseases, including periodontal pathogens, inflammatory mediators, vascular changes, etc. in the end, we will summarize the findings and create a list of takeaways the dental professionals can take to the practice and implement immediately.  


  • Discuss the basic definition and condition of Alzheimer disease

  • Discuss the relationship of periodontal disease to Alzheimer's disease as known in the past

  • Discuss the current discovery of periodontal disease related to Alzheimer's disease

  • Identify the lessons we can take to our patients


Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

Claire is an entrepreneur, author, educator, and speaker. She is the founder of StudentRDH dental hygiene exam prep solutions, ProfessorRDH dental hygiene educators platform, DentalToaster CE platform, and host of the podcast RDHBites.

Claire is the 2019 Ontario Memory Champion. With her expert knowledge in education, she created the WakeUp Memory™ system, which teaches how to use the brain and remember anything. To her audience’s testimony: “Learning is now addictive.”

She is the Esther Wilkins Alumni Award recipient, recognized for her work to support young dental hygiene professionals. Lastly, Claire is on various advisory boards, including dental hygiene schools. 

Claire has a Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene and a Master’s degree in administration from Boston University. 


“I was always curious about this topic. This course finally made it easy for me to understand the past and current state of evidence.” - Angie K. RDH

On-Demand Course

1.5 CEUs

Alzheimer's Disease and Periodontal Disease

What's their relationship?