The first step to getting the position you want is to have a resume that stands out. It is very difficult to communicate, on one page, why you are the best candidate. There are so many nuances to master - style, font, color, education, etc. Professionals usually go to Doug to get help.


Use the secret formula to write a resume that stands out. Then, apply the formula to write your professional story. The step-by-step process described in the course will help you win in this very competitive job market.


At the end of the course, who will have all the tools to write a resume that tells that “magical yet professional story” of yours. 

To get there, you will start with the foundations - What is personal branding, what is a resume, what different types of resumes there are, to dos, to avoid etc. 

Then, you will learn how to select the highlights of your professional and personal life. 

Lastly, you will know how to put all in a professional resume.


Get Job hunting materials - where to look for jobs, how to contact the jobs, etc. Doug helped hundreds of people find the perfect job, and he is offering his expertise, in this course.


At the end of the course, YOU will be able to:

  • Develop a unique personal brand that differentiates you from others

  • Build an amazing resume that stands out and gives you an edge

  • Learn about and create a myriad of other job seeker documents that most don’t even think about doing

  • Execute a job search that uncovers a fountain of ongoing opportunities

  • Interview for jobs in a way that is professional, effective, and memorable

Build a winning dental hygiene resume and land the job of your dreams


  • Dental professionals who are applying for a new position

  • Dental professionals who are applying for a raise

  • New grads with little experience

  • Dental professionals who are transitioning to a different position

  • Dental professionals who are relocating

  • Dental professionals who want to get an updated version of their resume

  • Dental professionals who are speaking or providing courses

  • Dental professionals looking to appear more professional

  • Anyone who feels the need to have a better resume


Doug Perry is the owner of and a nationally-recognized job hunting and personal branding coach for dental hygienists seeking clinical or non-clinical employment. His passion for personal branding and job hunting for dental professionals started as an effort to help his dental hygiene wife, Tracie Perry, land her first clinical job in 2010. Since then, Doug wrote a book called ‘Landing a Great Dental Hygiene Job’ that includes the strategies he and Tracie used. His website has plenty of free resources for dental hygienists. Doug has worked with thousands of dental hygienists across the country to develop resumes, cover letters, and more.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Job Hunting + Resume Building Course!

    1. Creating your personal brand

    1. Building Your Resume

    1. Other Job-Hunting Materials

    1. Advanced Job Hunting Materials

    1. Locating Jobs

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