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1.5 Hours/Credits

  • Brandi Hooker Evans RDH-ER, MHE, MAADHLive

  • Course Type: Live Webinar

  • Education Method: Live Online Lecture

  • Prerequisites: None

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Why this course?

Whether school was last year, last decade or when Fred and Wilma Flintstone were recording, we all can benefit from going back to the basics.

Seeking and modifying areas where we have adopted habits that are not helping us be our best clinical selves is worthwhile.

Learning new habits and skills that make our clinical work excellent is rewarding and invigorating, not to mention effective and time saving, fabulous.

This course is just what we need to take our clinical skills to the next level of excellence.

Dear Toasties,

We designed this course for the everyday RDH working clinically - especially new grads. We carefully review the most important topics that are relevant to you.

This course will help new grads put the knowledge and skill they learned into practice. It will teach them the most important pieces of care and how to effectively utilize their time. They will leave knowing how to expand upon their clinical skill and gain proficiency. 

Course Description

Whether you are a seasoned dental professional or just starting your journey in the field, it's essential to revisit the fundamentals and fine-tune your clinical skills.

In this engaging and transformative course, we invite you to explore areas where you might have unconsciously adopted habits that hinder your ability to be the best in clinical practice.

While we aren't teeth cleaners, removing plaque and calculus is a huge part of what we do to care for our patients. Join Brandi Hooker Evans for strategies and techniques that will polish up your clinical care.

Take your clinical skills to the next level of excellence. Who doesn't want to be faster, gentler, and more effective?


  • Enhance quality assessment thoroughness and speed

  • Gain tools to achieve next level clinical excellence

  • Aquire confidence to implement new habits and skills that serve you and your patients well


Brandi Hooker Evans RDH-ER, MHE, MAADH

Do you know anyone that simply loves to be a dental hygienist?

Meet Brandi Hooker Evans RDH-ER, MHE. Brandi is an international speaker and published author passionate about turning science into action. Audiences engage in her captivating courses and leave with inspiration and tools to provide exquisite, individualized care and live a fulfilling life.

Brandi acquired her formal education from Idaho State University, most recently, a master’s degree in health education. Brandi has served the Idaho Dental Hygienists’ Association as President as well as her local Portneuf Valley Dental Hygiene Society.

She has enjoyed nearly two decades as a clinician in private practice. Brandi treasured her time as clinical dental hygiene faculty at Idaho State University and served on the ISU Dental Hygiene Advisory Board.

Currently, Brandi owns and operates Stellar Outcomes and Evans Dental with her husband, Dr. Eron Evans. Brandi is an American Academy of Dental Hygiene accredited continuing education provider. Her enthusiasm for the dental profession is contagious and uplifting. 


“Learning new habits and skills that make our clinical work excellent is rewarding and invigorating, not to mention effective and time saving, fabulous."

Live Webinar

1.5 CEUs