October 16, 2023 (Monday)

4 pm PST | 7 pm EST over Zoom

2 Hours/Credits
  • Speaker: Stephanie Botts, BS, RDH, CEAS

  • Course Type: Live, webinar

  • Education Method: Lecture

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Course Provider: DentalToaster

  • Conflict of Interest: None

  • Sponsor(s): CloudDentistry

Why this course?

Recent research reveals that approximately 1 in 12 adults in the United States grapple with an active substance use disorder. Furthermore, an estimated 30% of adults engage in substance misuse, often without displaying overt signs of a disorder.

This misuse of substances has been shown to exert adverse effects on overall health, including oral health.

Dental professionals play a pivotal role in providing support to individuals dealing with substance use disorders.

Frequently, dental care providers are the healthcare practitioners who spend the most one-on-one time with patients. Consequently, they are uniquely positioned to both screen and offer guidance to patients regarding this matter.

Having appropriate skills and confidence, dental professionals can act as the first line of defense against risky substance use.

Play a vital role in supporting patients with substance use disorder

With the right skills and confidence, you can serve as the first line of defense against risky substance use.

Course Description

Substance use disorder (SUD) affects millions of people each year. The dental professional can help to screen and identify patients engaging in risky substance use. This course covers the stages of SUD and the physical/oral health changes that are consistent with SUD.

Be equipped to serve as a first-line defender against risky substance use and provide compassionate support within your dental practice.


  • Understand substance use disorder as a treatable medical condition

  • Understand opioid use disorder and alternative therapies to control pain

  • Identify how a substance use disorder progresses

  • Recognize the physical and psychological changes consistent with substance use disorder

  • Communicate effectively with patients and team members about substance use disorder


Stephanie Botts, BS, RDH, CEAS

Ms. Stephanie Botts has been a clinical dental hygienist for over 15 years. In addition to her passion for providing clinical care, she also has found a role in educating and empowering her dental colleagues.

She Provides practical and realistic information to dental practitioners on the topics of substance use disorder, ergonomics, and self-care.

Her experience as a dental hygienist enables her to be aware of the realities of daily practice and allows her to provide "real-world" advice and suggestions.

She has a down-to-earth speaking style and likes to keep her lectures highly educational while also using humor.


"With the right skills and confidence, dental professionals can serve as the first line of defense against risky substance use.""

Oct. 16, 2023, 4pm PST | 7pm EST

Zoom Webinar