May 4, 2023

4 pm PST | 7 pm EST over Zoom

2 Hours/Credits
  • Speaker: Dr. Silky Sharma, RDH

  • Course Type: Live, webinar

  • Education Method: Lecture

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Course Provider: DentalToaster Study Club

  • Conflict of Interest: None

  • Sponsor(s): None

Why this course?

We try to provide a periodontal assessment (most likely). But why? What does the assessment really do? And how do we use that information to co-diagnose periodontitis? We created this course to give you the answers to those important questions.
  • You will understand WHY you are performing the complicated assessment. For example, why is bleeding important? How is that relevant to periodontitis?

  • We will go over the basics of evidence-based dentistry. Remember the pyramid? Dr. Sharma will give you the BEST summary you will ever see. She makes research so easy to understand.

  • The speaker processed all the difficult papers for you, you can sit back and enjoy the lecture.

  • You will finally be able to explain your patients and doctors why assessment is key to helping a patient.

This is a 2-part Lecture Series

Part 1: Review of the research pyramid, context of WHY periodontal disease is NOT properly diagnosed, assessment with gingival exam, periodontal disease and bacteria.

Part 2: Asessment including probing, bleeding, furcation, etc.

Everything we will discuss is based on evidence and literature. Clinical take-aways provided. Part 1 and 2, together will give you all the answers to how assessment and provide understanding of the patient's condition.

Dear Toasties,

You will love Dr. Sharma. She is one of the few speakers who can explain evidence-based dentistry (EBD) in a way that anyone can understand.

She's all science but is an RDH too! Because she still practices, her courses are packed with "real-life" lessons for the everyday RDH.

If you never were a big fan of EBD, we promise you this DentalToaster series will make you feel better.

We promise you easy-to-understand, applicable, and enlightening EBD classes with Dr. Sharma.

Course Description

This is a two-part course series.

The series is designed for the dental hygienist and will offer critically appraised, evidence-based information to identify signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. The course will provide chronological information on the dental hygiene assessment phase of care to develop steps in identifying, treating, and stabilizing periodontitis utilizing non-surgical periodontal therapy.  


  • Explain the different levels of evidence.

  • Explain the role of biofilm in periodontal destruction.

  • Discuss the components of a comprehensive periodontal assessment.

  • Identify the signs of periodontal disease.

  • Identify the most effective ways to control oral biofilm.


Dr. Silky Sharma, RDH

Dr. Silky Sharma, RDH, Ed.D is an Assistant Professor at Harper College, Palatine, Illinois, and has been a faculty member since 2010. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Illinois with a focus on Evidence-Based Decision Making. Dr. Sharma earned her Doctorate from Grand Canyon University in Education, in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis on Adult Learning. She has continued to practice dental hygiene, providing patient-centered care at a perio-focused office for 18 years.

Dr. Sharma is a clinic coordinator and provides courses on Periodontology for Dental hygienists, Advance Perio Instrumentation, Perioscope-Clinic, Scientific Literature, Pain management, and Oral Pathology. She presents continuing education programs for dental colleagues on various topics. She is a consultant dental hygiene examiner for CDCA, the national dental/dental hygiene competency assessment organization. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and is passionate about teaching and learning from health care professionals.


"Evidence-based decision-making does not have to be difficult. I am passionate about teaching others to find the truth through EBD."

May 4, 2023, 4pm PST | 7pm EST

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