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Attention Newer Hygienists!

Are you feeling a bit lost in the transition from school to private practice?

We've got EXACTLY what you need.

Reduce stress and start your career feeling Optimized!

So What is RDH Optimize?

RDH Optimize is a 4-hour virtual live event specially designed to help YOU transition into private practice confidently and take your skills to the next level so that you can find your clinical groove and confidence in half of the time. 

Bust that learning curve and accelerate towards optimizing your career vs. simply keeping up. 

If you are a new grad...

Making the transition from dental hygiene school to private practice is nerve-wracking. While on one hand, it's nice to be independent of your faculty, on the other hand so many new pressures are introduced. 

You are probably thinking:

  • "Will I fit in with my dental team? Will they like me?" 
  • "What if I'm too slow? Will the patients like me, or will they notice I'm new?"
  • "I'm nervous about looking like I don't know what I'm doing. I want to prove I know my stuff and that I'm not just the 'new hygienist'!"
  • "Sometimes I feel alone. I don't really know who to ask for help because I don't want to seem like I am not confident."

The desire to fit in with your dental team, prove that you are a knowledgeable dental professional, and overcome the first-job jitters is real, and we've been there!

Maybe you're in your first few years practicing...

At this point, you've had the opportunity to gain some experience. You know more of what to expect and you've been able to adapt a bit. But something is still missing.

You may be feeling:

  • "Is this for me? I thought it would be different."
  • "Why have my skills plateaued?"
  • "I'm tired and not sure if I want to keep doing this."
  • "I do love dental hygiene, but I thought I'd have stronger skills by now."
  • "I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job. I feel alone in who I can ask for help."
  • "I think I'm burnt out, but I just spent money on this degree and now I'm stuck."

These are all normal feelings and completely valid. The first few years of practice are full of growth pains, and burnout can set in quickly. As you settle into the every day of hygiene practice, you may be in search of more.


This is why we created RDH Optimize!

RDH Optimize is a 4-hour virtual live event specially designed to help YOU transition into private practice confidently and take your skills to the next level so that you can find your clinical groove and confidence in half of the time.

Some of dental hygiene's biggest names are here to share what they wish they knew from day one as an RDH. They learned the hard way so that YOU don't have to. 

You Don't Want to Miss This!

Bust the New Grad Learning Curve in Just 4 Hours!

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What Are the Topics?

Here is what you'll learn at RDH Optimize

Your appointment your space

Walking into the dental office can be one of the most stressful times for a hygienist. There are many questions of what to expect, how to operate efficiently in the office, working with the team, and staying true to your knowledge and ethics. 

We will help to provide a jumpstart for you on how to walk in and win the day. Get the answers to your questions so you can be confident from day 1 and keep your focus on providing excellent patient care.

Banish the Burnout 

The average career of a clinical dental hygienist is 7 years before opting to do something different. We enter the field with fresh optimism, and a love for the hard work we have put towards our goal to succeed as dental hygienists. As burnout is incredibly common, it's important to take a look at ways to prevent it from occurring in the first place. 

We will help to navigate ways to stay engaged in your career as a clinical dental hygienist and prevent burnout. Just like most things, prevention is key!

What I Didn't Learn in Hygiene School: Real-Life Scenarios to Navigate in the Dental Office 

School is fundamental in getting us to the point of performing our duties and skills competently. However, school and the real world are two completely different settings. It can be nerve-wracking to think of what might need to be changed from how it was done in school in order to fit a private practice model.

Also, what are the concepts that are ok to let go from school, and what are absolutes that must continue to be performed?

We will take a deep dive into the major differences and where compromise is acceptable or an absolute no. 

Show Me the Money: How to Track Production and Have a Financially Lucrative Career 

While we are healthcare providers, dental offices are small businesses that thrive when employees can be equally money conscious. When businesses thrive, it helps to ensure that better equipment can be purchased, training on new technologies can occur, employee benefits and compensation improve, and everyone wins

Having the money conversation in the dental office can be challenging and uncomfortable, so understanding how to prepare and navigate it are important to feeling confident and being a well-rounded team member. 

We will share how to track your production, what these numbers mean, and take a deep dive into hygiene as a financially lucrative career. 

Crack the Code: Navigate How to Use Treatment Codes for Patient Scheduling and Efficiency 

One of the biggest stressors from new graduate hygienists that is continually echoed is "How do I use treatment codes in the schedule?". 

Coding is a completely different language and is one that is often not addressed through formal dental hygiene education.

Learning to code is an important skill that helps you maintain your efficiency in the office (helping to schedule your patients), maintain your ethics by ensuring correct coding, and provides a level of knowledge necessary to have conversations with your patients on their current oral health needs and conditions. 

In this course, we will review commonly used treatment codes, what they are used for and why. 

Share Your Message, Stay Engaged: Career Advancement Opportunities 

One of the best ways to keep your love for your career alive is to stay engaged in various ways. Clinical dental hygiene can sometimes leave you feeling isolated within your own office bubble. There is a whole world of dental hygiene out there to enjoy!

We will help you discover various ways to share your message and/or advance into alternative career opportunities.

This will help to keep you in touch with the entirety of the dental hygiene community and provide an outlet to maintain your love for your career. 

Yikes! Navigating the Horror Stories of Hygiene Practice so that YOU Don't Have To - Panel Discussion

Oh, the horror! It's likely you've heard a horror story or two from your dental hygiene instructors.

Then, when you begin to dig deeper, it's easy to find and begin to hear many more. They are most certainly unsettling and might leave you nervous or unsure if these things truly happen in clinical practice. 

Will you experience them? 

What are some totally crazy situations that dental hygienists have experienced and navigated in their careers so far? 

Our expert panel is here to be totally real with you. While many try to shield these stories from our newest generation of dental hygienists, we believe it's great to share these experiences and talk through them so that together, we can all feel supported in navigating these situations and even find some humor in them with time.

Meet Our Optimizers

We've all been exactly where you are, and are passionate about giving back to help you succeed!

  • Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH

    Co-Founder of

    Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH

    With a career spanning 18 years, Michelle Strange’s enthusiasm for dentistry lies in the educational aspects of patient care. As an adjunct clinical faculty member with Trident Technical College, she educates her students and colleagues on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between medical professionals and caretakers. Her experience as a hygienist and surgical assistant led her to become the Educational and Professional Relations Manager for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. after implementing their product with considerable success and patient compliance. Her most recent project, A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast, was ranked the #1 Dental Podcast two years in a row. Through her passion for education, geriatric and implant dentistry, and modern techniques and products, Michelle seeks to inform and inspire the dental community.
  • Amber  Auger

    RDH, MPH

    Amber Auger

    Amber Auger, RDH, MPH is a practicing dental hygienist and clinical innovations implementation specialist. With over 14 years of experience in the dental industry, Amber provides customized protocols to allow the practice to thrive, refocuses on the patient experience, and utilize systemic approaches to Periodontal Therapy. Amber is a monthly contributor to RDH Magazine, #AskAmberRDH. Amber also provides preventive services abroad yearly and is always happy to have dental professionals join her team.
  • Andrew Johnston, BSBM

    Andrew Johnston, BSBM

    Andrew has been practicing hygiene since 2009. He started his career working in pediatrics and as a restorative hygienist in a private practice setting. He then moved into a multi-location group practice where he does both traditional hygiene and some restorative. He has a passion for education and humanitarian work. This profession has been great to him and he feels it his duty to make it great for everyone else.

Take YOUR Career to the Next Level!

50% Off Until 8/1/21 with Code RDHO at Checkout

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Tell Me More!

Here's what you need to know about RDH Optimize

  • Friday, September 10th starting at 11:00am PST | 1:00pm MST | 2:00pm EST

  • LIVE via Zoom - Recording available for 7 days after the event

  • Early-bird registration: Register by August 1st for 50% off with coupon code RDHO

  • Up to 7 Covered Topics & 4.5 Hours of Continuing Education Credit Awarded

  • Discussion board available upon enrollment so that you can share what you want to learn at RDHO!

  • Be the first to learn more about our RDH Optimize Community & its exciting new opportunity!

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Q. Is this just another CE course?

A. No. While you can claim 4 CE, this event was created with the goal in mind of helping newer hygienists succeed. You won't find this information in any CE course, because this is the first! CE isn't our focus for the event, it's simply a bonus.

Q. What if I don't need CE credits yet?

A. That's ok! We decided to offer them as a bonus for those who do, but they are just an additional perk of the event. The event is not a 'CE event', it's a transformational conference.

Q. Can't I just figure this out on my own?

A. While you certainly can learn a lot of this, it takes time (years). We're here to shorten your learning curve significantly, so you can focus on enjoying your career and excelling from day one.

Q. Why don't you offer this for free?

A. We want to share this valuable information, and we know that a price tag of free won't communicate how valuable this truly is. Not only do you gain exclusive information, but you also gain a supportive community, the time of multiple industry experts, a fun and interactive event, and the opportunity to be first to hear about DentalToaster's upcoming offering!

Q. Is there a discount available?

A. Yes! Until August 1st, 2021, receive 50% off with coupon code RDHO at checkout!

Q. How long is the event?

A. The event will last approximately 4 hours and will be held via Zoom.

Q. Are there breaks during the event?

A. There may be some short breaks, but to be respectful of everyone's time and provide as much information as possible, they will be very short if provided. If you must step away, we will be providing a recording for 1 week after the event. 

Q. What if I can't attend the live event?

A. That's ok! If you still want the information, those who purchase will be able to access a recording for 7 days after the event.

Q. Will the event be recorded?

A. Yes! We understand you are busy or might need to step away during the event. We are happy to offer an on-demand recording for 7 days after the event.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Your computer, a notepad if you'd like to take notes, and an open heart and mind! This event will be informational and transformative!

Q. What if I'm not a new grad or newer hygienist? Can I still attend?

A. Absolutely! While this information will be geared towards newer hygienists, it never hurts to refresh on some basics and learn about loving your career again. We're happy to welcome you!

Q. What if I haven't graduated yet, but I will soon? Can I attend?

A.  You may attend if you haven't yet graduated. However, this information will feel the most relevant to you if you will be joining the workforce in the next few months. 

Q. How will this help me moving forward/after the event?

A. At the event, we will share DentalToaster's upcoming offering, where we can offer continued support on your journey as a new RDH!

Cut My Transition Time from School to Private Practice in Half!

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