DentalToaster is an ONLINE CE platform. We are PACE approved, which means that you will receive credits for the courses you take here.

Why Dental Toaster when I can take other online CE courses?  

1. Learn on the go, save time, and get CE credits.

Other websites may not use the latest technologies that you deserve for your learnings. DentalToaster is serious about how "EASY it should be for you to learn and get credits." Your time is precious and our newest learning technologies will help you save time and effort.

2. QUIZZES are fun and provide immediate feedback.

Taking quizzes is one of the most efficient ways to retain information. With quizzes at DentalToaster, it's fun and easy. Choose an answer, check the answer, and get feedback. 

3. QUALITY CONTENT provided.

DentalToaster does not offer just fluff. We are serious about providing you with fantastic content that will enhance your career.

4. Get immediate continuing education CREDITS.

Your CE credits are rewards to you as soon as you finish your course. No need to wait! You will receive an email with the course number, amount of credit you get, and everything you need.

Can I start FREE?  

YES! Every course has a free trial. We do not ask you to pay anything until you’ve tested it!

Give it a try!